"Bali is open for visitors with double doses of vaccination!"
About Conference

One of the primary motives of the 10th International Conference On Recent Challenges In Engineering and Technology (ICRCET-22) to be held in Bali, Indonesia on the 22nd - 23rd June 2022 is a fantastic opportunity for Engineers, Research Scholar and Students to network with other experts and people in the relevant field of technology. There will be new equipment, technologies, or procedures introduced & demonstrated, and discussions about engineering obstacles and how to handle them.

If you select to participate in this conference, you will get broaden your technical thinking in a massive way to upgrade your potential career presentations and technical innovations. It is a brilliant way to gain new ideas but also to see how other procedures or methodologies are combined with your own. Through this outstanding conference, you will get assisted in identifying and comprehending upcoming technological and industry trends. You will also have the puzzling opportunity with top authorities on the effect and impact of interventions.

Conference Objective

The 10th International Conference on Recent Challenges in Engineering and Technology (ICRCET-22), scheduled to take place on the 22nd - 23rd June 2022, in the beautiful city of Bali , Indonesia is an international platform for all sorts of researchers and scholars, practitioners and academicians, students and scientists, to discuss interdisciplinary research and training in engineering and technology. This conference is also intended for researchers, decision-makers, educators, senior managers, practitioners, and others, to serve as a comprehensive platform to present and discuss the latest discoveries, drifts and interests, as well as practical difficulties and resolutions in sectors such as engineering and technology.

The 10th International Conference on Recent Challenges in Engineering and Technology (ICRCET-22) aims to give researchers, students, and delegates and the occasion to communicate and share their expertise and understanding of technology utilization. This event will also serve as an excellent international forum for sharing expertise and results on recent challenges in engineering technology. The goal of the conference is to provide a stage for scientists and practitioners from academia and industry to address issues with development in the field.

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