The city of New York is comprised of five divisions. While Staten Island and Manhattan are islands, the boroughs known as Queens and Brooklyn are apart of Long Island, while the Bronx is connected to the mainland. These islands are connected by subways, bridges, and ferryboats.

New York City runs on the EST (Eastern Standard Time) (GMT - 4 while on daylight saving time, which runs from mid-March into the beginning of November, and GMT - 5 during the remainder of the year). New York City climate is constantly changing every hour and every day. Acquiring a fair idea of all its seasons helps immensely in planning one's wardrobe appropriately!

Viewing NYC by boat, subway trains, bike, helicopter, by bus, or even on foot makes for an unforgettable journey, and there are numerous other comfortable, cost-friendly means to tour all of the city's principal charms. The city is also an outstanding place for walking and is probably the most excellent method way for one to familiarize themselves with all the areas of the city, although at times, one has no other option but to resort to cabs or taxis to cover longer distances both within in the city limits, or within the state of New York.