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Important Dates !!
Do not miss the opportunity to be part of the ICRCET-2024. Mark the dates on your calendar and be part of this conference!

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Early Bird Registration

16th May 2023

Abstract Submission Deadline

2nd June 2023

Full Paper Submission Deadline

6th June 2023

Registration Deadline

8th June 2023

Welcome Video Messages

Dr. Jacob F N Dethan

Dr. Sagar Onkarrao Manjare

Welcome Message from Dr. Jacob F. N. Dethan

It is my pleasure to give a keynote speech at International Conference on Recent Challenges in Engineering and Technology (ICRCET) 2024 in Jakarta which is organized by Institute for Engineering Research and Publication (IFERP). The use of electric vehicles has been promoted by various countries around the world as a viable way to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. However, one big problem related to the use of electric vehicles is their slow charging time. Thus, fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) which are powered by hydrogen has emerged as another promising option. Yet, the performance of FCEVs is strongly affected by an efficient hydrogen storage system. Therefore, I will be presenting about the importance of hydrogen energy in Indonesia and how to use 2D materials to reduce the cost of FCEVs and to enhance the safety of hydrogen storage systems. Best wishes for all participants of this intriguing conference and I look forward to meeting you all! Special thanks also dedicated to IFERP.

- Dr. Jacob F. N. Dethan
Vice Rector for Student Affairs and Cooperation Universitas Buddhi Dharma Indonesia

Welcome Message from Principal Dr. Sagar Manjare

I am delighted to be a part of the 11 th International Conference On Recent Challenges In Engineering and Technology (ICRCET-23), and I am looking forward to it which is to be held in Jakarta on  16 th and 17 th June  2024, organized by Institute For Engineering Research and Publication (IFERP). For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate. In this age of digitization, the most essential components for businesses is to adopt digital marketing, and smart technology, that improve environmental sustainability. This conference will, definitely, be helpful to the researchers, and academics to get the theoretical and practical details pertinent to the topic of “Value Creation in the Digital Age Through Digital Marketing.” I wholeheartedly appeal to all participants to move forward to conduct further advanced research in Sustainable Technology. I am thankful to the organizers for their great efforts in making this scientific event remarkable, stimulating, and successful. My thanks also go to all the participants. Wishing you all the best.

- Principal Dr. Sagar O. Manjare
Siddhant College of Management Studies Pune,

Scientific Sessions

This is a fantastic forum for academics, researchers, students, inventors, scientists, and business professionals to discuss current research that is influencing a brand-new global civilization. This conference will establish a forum for the exchange of research, innovations, and best practices where helpful criticism and interaction with subject matter experts is anticipated. We welcome any entries that highlight original concepts, works in progress, or ideas that you believe could use expert advice. The participation of students, Institute members, and/or young researchers is encouraged.

Theme of the Conference

The theme of this conference revolves around bringing engineering, technology, and management research areas synchronically on an indivisible platform. This conference will draw collectively research fellowships from diverse fields in unitedness, to share their research findings and latest ideas. The main intention of this conference is to integrate interdisciplinary inquiry to deliver the best applications.

Attending this remarkable event will help participants sharpen their skills and refine their ideas as well as approaches by meeting with their peers and counterparts. They will also have the chance to meet experts and high-level delegates, along with share ideas and research findings from past and present. Participants can build new networks to meet different personalities and learn about the latest tools available.

This conference serves as a unique confluence of networking, entertainment, learning, and in one ensemble. This event will require you to develop and challenge participants with their ideas and proposals. The most promising research studies will be issued in highly reputable journals and publications.

Supporting Journal

Indexed supporting journals of ICRCET published by renowned publishers will provide with the opportunity to publish full papers following the peer review process. Authors are encouraged to read scope and choose the best fitting journal.

journal journal journal journal journal

Note: ICRCET - 23 proceedings series will be submitted to the Web of Science Book Citation Index (BkCI) and to SCOPUS for evaluation and indexing.


Choose the submission type most appropriate for your current work. Opting to propose a full paper, a short paper, or an extended abstract neither advantages your proposal.

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