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Nominate Yourself as an Organizing Committee Member

Are you passionate about contributing to the success of the International Conference on Recent Challenges in Engineering and Technology (ICRCET)? Here's your opportunity to play a pivotal role as a member of the Organizing Committee!

Why Nominate Yourself?

Contribute to Academic Excellence: Join a team dedicated to fostering academic research and innovation on a global scale.

Shape the Conference Experience: Participate in decision-making processes that influence the conference program, logistics, and overall success.

Network with Experts: Collaborate with professionals, researchers, and scholars from diverse backgrounds, expanding your network within the academic community.

Enhance Organizational Skills: Gain valuable experience in event planning, coordination, and execution, enhancing your organizational and leadership skills.

Nominate yourself to be part of the Organizing Committee and contribute to the success of ICRCET. Your dedication and expertise will play a crucial role in making ICRCET a vibrant and enriching experience for all participants.

Apply For Committee Members

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